DarkClan's roleplay

Leader:Spottedstar-a tourtise shell tom
Deputy:Blackeye-a black and white tom with a black splotch over one eye
Medicine cat: Stoneroar-a gray and white Tom
Medicine cat apprentice:Hiddenpaw-a she-cat with a white locket
Queens:Goldenpetal-a yellow she-cat.Autumneyes-a pure white she-cat with orange eyes.Mate of Spottedstar and mother of Mosskit,Fernkit,Dovekit and Lightkit
Warriors: Ebonyleaf a black cat,Ambertail a ginger cat,Shadetail a black cat, and Petalstorm a violet cat. Robinpelt a fiery orange cat
Elders:Elkleaf a brown Tom with a locket and Oakdapple a calico.
Apprentice: Nightpaw a black she-cat with a locket,Lionpaw a fluffy yellow she-cat, and Thunderpaw a gray Tom
Kits:Mosskit tourtise shell she-cat,Dovekit a white tom,Fernkit a tourtise shell she-cat, and Lightkit a cream cat.

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  1. Never mind that its old and you shouldn't take THIER identities.