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I was on a plane back to Austin from NYC and we got back at 2:00 AM

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Going for it

I've joined a warrior cat blog that is not mine. It's pippen's warrior cat blog, check it out. But for news of books you can pre order Tallstar's revenge.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A fight

Was in Chicago...
Now to the story

Hey, "whatcha" doing? Said Nightfrost, barging in. What, none of your business replied Blackeye in a harsh tone. "Go back to camp you two"

Nightpaw and Hiddenpaw checked in with Robinpelt and began to return to Shadow Clan territory. 
Suddenly in the corner of Hiddenpaw's eye she saw a flash of yellow. She turned her head and told Nightpaw to follow her. They took off and entered their territory then followed the trail of entertwined smell of Waterclan and Shadowclan. Soon the sisters saw Tigerpaw the one who saved Nightpaw and Lionpaw together. They were talking in THIER TERRITORY!!! Anger rushed through Nightpaw's blood.YOWL Nightpaw cried. She jumped from her perch and bit Tigerpaw on the back. Hiddenpaw hesitated to dash into battle with her friend. Hiddenpaw guarded her for a while but didn't have the courage to harm Lionpaw. At the awkward moment in time Blackeye strode out from the dark shadow s and separated the clanmates then fought off Tigerpaw. He told them they were brave but conflict isn't always the answear

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Starr results

I got an 14 out of16
I case u don't know the Starr is just a test.

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A strange cat

Soon after that Adderstar called a meeting. Many cats Nightpaw and Hiddenpaw didn't see. Out of the blue Blackeye walked through bush and as apprentices the cats were overwhelmed with a mystery
 As they crept closer they began to hear voices. Blackeye's and whose we don't know, well you don't but I do. They had a glimpse of a white pelt and green eyes. "Let's get them out... The mountains?... Poison."


Snow paw or snowflakepaw

Friday, April 5, 2013


sorry i share the book ( currently 24 pages) and i dont have the book pages to post.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leaders to rp for

All clans are emty
Take your pick and don't be afraid to share this blog and pass the love

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Join waterclan


That is the layout

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Writing contest

I'm having a warrior cat writing to spice things up
Comment your story below I haven't made a prize but as long as its not too demanding I'll do it.

The contest ends April 8

Saturday, February 16, 2013


FYI I'm nightfrost
Warrior/ creator of blog
Black with a white locket. Also has green eyes.
18 moons
She has a sister named Hiddenmoon and Their story is what I'm righting about.

Hey don't forget you can search for stuff like the prologue.

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To join ... Here's the layout


Monday, February 11, 2013

The gathering

Soon a moon passed and Nightpaw was going to the gathering. First they had to cross a stream. Spottedstar came first then Nightpaw and Lionpaw (Lionpaw is a fellow apprentice in Darkclan). Blackeye and Robinpelt followed. They walked and soon found the fourtrees. Blackeye introduced the apprentices to Adderstar, Hollystone, Zebrastar, Ivywing, and Littlestar then he let the two cats go off together. Soon they also met Ravenspirit, Acornpaw, Jayflower, and Riverrocks but when they met Ghostfoot he seemed sad. Afterwards Lionpaw asked " I wonder what his problem is?"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rules for RPing

  • No swears (warrior swears are fine)
  • NO bullying
  • Keep your cat realistic that mean no powers
  • No killing cat with out the owners permission
  • No more than 3 kits
  • Don't use names from the book
  • No prophecies with out my permission 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

hiddenpaw is hurt

 Nightpaw saw Hiddenpaw nearly unconscious, Nightpaw rushed to her friend . Nightpaw came every day to check on Hiddenpaw.

One night there was a gathering and she asked to go but both Spottedstar and Blackeye said she was to young.Plus they needed more cats to defend camp.Next time I will go Nightpaw exclaimed.

please post

i dont't want to close the blog so please comment/post

the begining part 2

As soon as the ceremony was over, Nightpaw jumped and asked, "Can we train now?"

"Yes," he replied.

Hiddenpaw also had a mentor, Ebonyleaf. Hiddenpaw went with Nightpaw to catch prey. They were on their first hunting assignment. Nightpaw was taught the hunting moves so she set off with Hiddenpaw at her side.

Sniff. Sniff. "I think I smell Sniff Mouse," she said in a whisper. Nightpaw quitely and lightly jumped at the mouse. She caught it and took it to the camp. One of the olders, OakDapple told her a storm was coming. She sniffed yes, definately a storm was coming so she took off with the mouse and gave it to Blackeye. He was impressed.

"Good. You should get some sleep,"  Blackpaw said.

Crash! Hmm, she thought but she didn't know that Hiddenpaw was still out there and Hiddenpaw did not know a storm was coming. Then suddenly, a branch fell over. It all happened so fast. Hiddenpaw scrambled to get away but just wasn't fast enough. She cried for help and luckily, Robinpelt was out, too. Robinpelt ran to her cries and when she saw Hiddenpaw hurt, she ran to get Stoneroar, the Medicine Cat.

A few minutes later, Stoneroar was there with Ebonyleaf. They pushed the branch off and Stoneroar carried her to the medicine den.

the begining

Nightkit and Hiddenkit were raised together and were much too nosey but they waited and waited for the day to come. The special day was the apprentice ceremony. Finally the kits heard Spottedstar's howl. "All those old enough to catch their own prey gather here under the fallen log." Nightkit and Hiddenkit came because it was their ceremony!

Blackeye could feel the excitement in the young kit's green eyes. He surveyed her. She was a glossy black with a locket of white on her chest. Spottedstar announced nightkit's new name... Nightpaw!

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Warrior cats

"Thump,thump,thump"heard the kits until they reached the safety of a den.Soon they heard the soft voice of a Queen saying "Yes"